Iron Chest Minecarts

155,117 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 22, 2015 Game Version: 1.7.10

A very simple add-on to IronChests that adds minecarts for each of its chests.

Needless to say this mod requires IronChests to be installed in order to run!

To craft the minecarts just use the same recipe you'd use for crafting a "Minecart with Chest" but instead of using the vanilla chest use any other chest.

Don't like the item textures? Well I have two solutions for you:

1 - Turn on the config option for 3D rendering. That will make minecarts render in 3D when held by the player and on inventories (it's quite fancy! I recommend!)


2 - Make a better one and send it to me.


Feel free to use this mod in your modpack (public or private) as long as you credit me and the authors or Iron Chest. A link back to this page would also be nice but not required.

No need to ask for permission!