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Nayla's Backpacks


Ever wanted a backpack with gold functionality? Maybe one that can automatically pick up certain items? Maybe one that can auto smelt items? Maybe one that can compress all that cobblestone? Now you can!



Iron Backpacks Redone deals with portable storage and item manipulation through tiered backpacks and a system of modular upgrades. This mod is a fork of a mod called V0id's Smart Backpacks and is essentially a bug fix / reskin of that mod to match the classic Iron Backpacks Mod.

Credit is due to where it is needed

  • gr8pefish, and TehNut for the original Iron Backpacks

  • V0idWa1k3r for the V0id's Smart Backpacks mod.


  • BBoldt for the backpack textures. 


  • UnicorNora for the upgrade textures.



Original Description:

Iron Backpacks deals with portable storage and item manipulation through tiered backpacks and a system of modular upgrades.  



This mod is functional, but not actively maintained.
1.12 doesn't have all the features of 1.10, but, barring a dupe bug, should be fully functional/error free. Use an anvil to apply upgrades in 1.12.
For 1.16+ it looks like Sophisticated Backpacks has most of the features of this mod, if you want an alternative.

Note: If anyone is interested in taking over porting/maintenance I'd love to connect - join my Discord channel and come chat :)



Notable Features

  • 4 tiers of backpacks, with specializations for higher-tier backpacks (more storage versus more upgrade points).
  • The ability to equip the backpacks and have them visually appear on your player.
  • Over 20 different modular upgrades that allow you to customize the abilities of your backpack.
    • These range from smart gathering to inventory restocking, from quickly depositing items to persistence through death, from visual indicators of fullness to compressing items on the go, and so much more
  • Compatibility with several mods, most notably Just Enough Items, Inventory Tweaks, Ender Storage, Better Builders Wands, Not Enough Wands, TombManyGraves, and more.
  • It is specifically coded to be efficient and performance-friendly.
  • Highly configurable so that it can suit any playstyle.
  • High quality in-game documentation.