Ion Items

52,887 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 19, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2  

This mod will add awesome new 'Ion' items to your game.



*Obsidian Sticks -- Made out of 2 Obsidian Blocks, needed for ion tools.

*Ion Diamond -- Made out of 4 diamonds.

*Ion Pickaxe -- Mine everything faster, especially stone, which is instant.

*Ion Axe -- Cut those trees down faster.

*Ion Shovel -- Feel somewhat as the same speed as if you had Diamond Shovel with Eff5, but... more durable!

*Ion Sword -- 10 Damage per hit (Diamond Sword does 7).


*Ion Head -- You're not hungry anymore!

*Ion Chest -- More luck while fishing.

*Ion Leggings -- Jump twice as high.

*Ion Boots -- Walk and run faster.


Note: Ion items can still be enchanted for even better results!


Stuff that's going to be added/fixed later:

- Ion Boat, is way faster then the normal one.

- Maybe more durable bow.

- Ion Diamond model in hand is way bigger than it's supposed to be.

- Ion Torch (So far no luck, don't expect this one)

- Sword and Axe re-balance.

- The food bar has some weird desync if you entered the nether in mutliplayer. Relogging should fix this.



Credits to me and Smeerkaas :)


There are currently no plans to support Minecraft versions below 1.12.


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