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Please consider downloading from the Modrinth page instead.
Starting from Minecraft 1.20, this CurseForge page will no longer receive updates.


Before you ask for a port that already exists, check the files page to see if your MC version is supported.

Downloads for supported MC versions: 1.18


Addon for InvMove that adds additional mod compatibilities.


Note that mods not listed below will still have basic compatibility through the "Unrecognized UI Types" config section in the base mod.
This mod primarily targets mods that have screens that don't work through that system, or add behaviors that conflict with the base mod.

This mod adds explicit support for the following mods:

 Mod   Forge   Fabric   Tested Version 
 Roughly Enough Items  ✔️ ✔️  8.3.519
 Just Enough Items  ✔️ N/A (NOT 10.x yet
 Cloth Config  ✔️ ✔️  6.2.62


If you want to request support for another mod, please open an issue!



Feel free to use in packs if you wish.

The only official downloads are from the InvMoveCompats GitHub, Modrinth, or Curseforge page.
Be careful downloading them from elsewhere, as unauthorized reposts are not monitored and could contain malware.
(If you are interested in the mod being added to another platform, please open an issue!)

The mod is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0