InvisibleGear Mod

782 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 20, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

The InvisibleGear Mod Adds:

Invis Gems

Invisible Armor

Invisible Tools

Invis Ore


The Invis Gems Are White Gems Which You Can Craft Into The Armor And Tools Using Normal Minecraft Sticks


The Invisible Armor Is Crafted Normally Except You Use The Invis Gems Instead, They Are Invisible In Your Inventory And When You Wear Them, You Can't See Any Armor On You. It Has The Same Strength And Durability As Iron. In The Images Section, There Will Be A Picture Of Me Wearing The Armor


The Invisible Tools Are Crafted With Sticks And Invis Gems. They Are Also Invisible In Your Inventory. If You Hold Them You Will Just Be Holding Your Hand Except In The First Person View. They Have The Same Durability And Strength Of Iron Tools. In Images Section There Will Be A Picture Of Me Holding The Invisible Sword


The Invis Ore Is Ore As Rare As Gold And It Drops 1 Invis Gem. You Need An Iron Pick Or Higher To Mine It (Including The Invisible Pickaxe). It Is White Ore Which Is Shown On The Floor Of The Logo Picture. It Will Also Be In The Images Section


WARNING: The Armor And Tools Are Invisible, So You Will Not Be Able To See Them In Your Inventory. I Did This Because Otherwise They Would Be Too Powerful


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