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Inventorio - An inventory enhancement mod for Minecraft

This is the Fabric version. You can find the Forge version HERE:

Showcase Video:

Video Demonstration


This is a Fabric version. You can find a Forge version HERE:

This is my vision of the Inventory Update for Minecraft. Of features I believe are in line with Mojang's vision and could be potentially added to the game.

"I press E but nothing happens"

This mod needs to be installed both on the server and on the client. Installing it just on one side will cause bugs.

Dependencies for Fabric:

Fabric API

Fabric Language Kotlin

Cloth Config (Fabric)




Instead of taking space in the Hotbar, tools are now stored in their own place. When you mine a block, a correct tool gets passively applied from the said Toolbelt.

• Mending will mend tools in the Toolbelt before going into player's XP bar

• Axe will be used as a melee weapon in the sword slot is empty

• Hoe Toolbelt slot accepts shears. Sword Toolbelt slot accepts Trident.

• Toolbelt slots accept modded tools as long as they inherit from vanilla tool classes

Utility Belt

An Offhand replacement with a dedicated hotbar of 4 slots that can be scrolled through independently, and which skips the empty slots. You can use the selected Utility independently, which allows you to akimbo two types of blocks or two types of usable items.

Deep Pockets Enchantment

Each level of this enchantment adds an additional row to your inventory, up to 3 at max level. In addition, the first level adds 4 extra slots to the Utility Belt (from 4 to 8)

Increased Ender Chest Capacity

The capacity of the Ender Chest has been doubled. This can be disabled in the server-wide config, but you need to distribute the said config to all players if you edit it.

Infinity Bow Requires No Arrows

This mod fixes a Vanilla bug when you need an arrow to use the Infinity Bow.

Player Settings

Segmented Hotbar

Accessing slots after 5 with a keyboard might be cumbersome because the keys are just too far away. This feature makes the first keystroke select a section, and the second keystroke will select an item inside that section.

There's a "Visual Only" option that keeps the default selection schema.

Firework Rocket Boost Button

A dedicated button to fire a boost rocket directly from your inventory while flying. Can be co-bound to Jump.

Trident Loyalty Check

This option prevents you from throwing a Trident without Loyalty.

"Use Item" Applies To Offhand

The original idea was to bind each hand to its own dedicated button, but some people found it confusing, and this option restores the vanilla behavior of vanilla "Use Item", while "Use Utility" applies only to the Utility Belt / Offhand.

Skip Empty Utility Slots

By default, scrolling and displaying the Utility Belt skips the empty slots, but you can set this behavior to false. There's also a keybind (not bound by default) that allows to scroll to the first empty Utility Belt slot.

Rebind Scroll Wheel to the Utility Belt

You can rebind the Scroll Wheel to scroll through the Utility Belt, while using the number keys to select the Hotbar slot.

Dark Inventorio Player UI

Compatibility with dark theme mods and resource packs.

Swapped Hands

This option allows to assign the vanilla Hotbar to your Offhand, and the Utility Belt to your Main Hand.


Global Settings

To improve mod compatibility, some features can be disabled on a game-wide level for all players.

Global settings can be accessed with a keybind (only in a single player world) or directly at %root_folder%/config/inventorio_shared.json.

Joining a server (either dedicated or hosted from another client) with mismatching global settings will prompt a request to sync your settings and restart the game (recommended).

For the list of settings please visit the GitHub Page

Feedback, Use in Modpacks and Mod Compatibility

Feel free to use this mod in a modpack.

If you encounter bugs or compatibility issues with other mods, please report them on the Issue Tracker.

If you want to request a feature or modification, please use the Issue Tracker or make a Pull Request.

For technical information, such as InventorioAPI, custom ToolBelt slots and Mod Compatibility, please visit the GitHub Page