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Interdimensional Tesseract

Interdimensional Tesseract


The Interdimensional Tesseract and interfaces

Note: Requires at minimum a mod to power the Tesseract with RF/FE.


The Interdimensional Tesseract is able to transport items, fluids, and energy across dimensions, but not the same dimension.  This is intended as a balanced way to allow transporting things between dimensions, without adding the ability to wirelessly transport things around your base for just the cost of some FE.  However you're still able to transport items to the nether, and back again in a different location, making use of the 1:8 coordinate ratio to transport items in the overworld over longer distances.


Two Interdimensional Tesseracts can only be paired if they are within a range of 3 chunks of each other's coordinates in their two dimensions, this takes into account the ratio of the two dimensions coordinate systems.  e.g. a tesseract in the nether at (800,800) can only connect to a tesseract in range of (100,100) in the overworld.  For this reason the valid range in the overworld is also 8 times bigger to accommodate this.


A tesseract on its own is unable to accept items or fluid, and is unable to transport energy.  Tesseract Interfaces are blocks that can connect to the tesseract to allow the insertion or extraction of that type of resource.

Any number of any types of interface can be connected to a tesseract, up to the 6 sides which an interface must connect to.

When using an energy interface, you now have to power the tesseract through the interface instead of directly.


Note: Energy interfaces aren't entirely compatible with Refined Pipes's energy pipes, however there are ways round this.


Item Buffer: 6 slots

Fluid Buffer: 8 tanks, each 1 bucket in volume

Energy Buffer: 200kFE without an interface, and 500kFE with an interface


Item & Fluid buffers are not accessible through the UI.

Items within the buffer will be dropped when the parent tesseract is broken, but the fluid & energy will be lost.


Energy usage: 1.5kFE/t

Without sufficient energy, inserting items & fluids, and extracting any resource is disabled.


In order to be powered & transport resources, the tesseract must be in a loaded chunk.  To keep a chunk loaded, you can use the Keep Loaded Upgrade.  An upgrade is needed for each tesseract you want to keep loaded.




Interdimensional Tesseract

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Tesseract Item Interface

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Tesseract Fluid Interface

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Tesseract Energy Interface

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Keep Loaded Upgrade

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