Interactive Crafting Table

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Interactive Crafting Table


This is just a fun little mod I wanted to put together to test learn how to make Minecraft mods.

Essentially this mod adds a crafting table that you don't use with a GUI. Instead you click on the block with the items you want to use and to initiate the crafting operation.

It adds the blocks to the grid from the top left to the bottom right in this order:

1 | 2 | 3

4 | 5 | 6

7 | 8 | 9



Right-Click - Places the current held item in the slot, if the hand is empty then it skips a slot

Ctrl + Right-Click - Clears the table

Shift + Right-Click - Initiates the crafting operation if a recipe is found


Crafting the block:

To obtain the block in game you have to place carpet on top of a vanilla crafting table.


Important Notes:

- This is the initial release and although the core functionality is done there are a lot of aesthetics that need work

- Needs to be tested with other mods

- You can PM me any issues you come across and I will post them here and on the Minecraft Forum page under "Known Issues". Please check this section before sending me a message

- Will be ported to 1.8 eventually



- Graphical view of what is inside the crafting table

- 3D rendering of blocks on HUD

- Better texture for block

- Suggestions if any?


Known Issues:

 - Issue when crafting with recipes that leave items in the table ex: cake


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