Interactive Corporea

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Interactive Corporea is an add-on mod for Botania. The goal of the mod is to make the corporea system in Botania easier to use and more "magical" while be faithful to Botania's design philosophy (Mainly no "Full-screen" GUIs).

More Information

If you want to know more, please watch this spotlight video that demonstrates the main features of the mod.
Detailed information is in the Lexicon from Botania in game!

Example Images

Halo Interface Example

Known Issues

  • In a server, the interface is only visible to you. Syncing the animations is impractical, but I might find some alternative ways of displaying it in the future.

Future Plans

  • A wormhole system that allows teleporting items thrown towards the halo interface to your base (wormhole render is shader-based, and has a warp effect around it)
  • Auto crafting system

Modpack Policy

Of course! You are welcomed use this mod in your modpack.