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I am trimming down the time on IntelliE to work on AppliedEnergistics2, I am one of the MainDevs of AE2 now, so bear with my selfishness!

Intelligent Energistics

Intelligent Energistics (IntelliE, IE) is an addon for Applied Energistics 2 (AE2) made by AlgorithmX2. It is split into 3 child mods which add specific utilities to AE2.

  • you can disable any of the child via config mods which wont get loaded into the game


Applied Aerodynamics (WIP)

Applied Aerodynamics (AppAero, Aero) is a child mod of IE. It is adding a WIP armor with several feature to AE2. Already implemented is the Disassembler. A combination of mining tool and AE wrench with the ability to instant mine while flying and precision mining to mine only single blocks at once.


Aero Suite

Is a set of armor which is chargeable in the ME Charger. Every part has unique traits to help you building large bases

SkyDiver (Head)

  • Upgradeable air supply (under water breathing)
  • Armor

ChestNut (Body)

  • Creative like flying, enables you to stop immediately without the fade movement
  • Hold shift + space at same time to stop flying but still use shift + right-click features
  • Armor

Work in progress:

  • Armor: protection, energy provider, linker to security station

FreeRunner (Legs)

  • Faster basic movement speed

HorseShoes (Feet)

  • Increases step-height when sprinting


Is a mining tool with following abilities:

  • Can instant mine any breakable block
  • Has precision mode on right click with item collector
  • Limitation of precision mode based on mouse state
  • Can wrench AE parts with shift right click
  • Item collection on left click
  • Chargeable in ME Charger
  • Config options
  • Energy usage
  • Recipe
  • Upgradeable tool
    • energy
    • mining speed
    • mining level
    • damage
    • charge speed
    • energy cost

Only on request:

  • add BC wrench


Modification Workbench

This is a simple workbench to modify the armor and tools:

  • Dissembler + Energy cells = more energy capacity
  • Dissembler + Storage Cells = increased mining speed
  • Dissembler + Logic Processor = increased mining level
  • Dissembler + Engineering Processor= increased damage vs entities
  • Dissembler + Calculation Processor= decreased energy usage cost
  • Dissembler + Acceleration Card = increased charge speed

Use NEI to see all their effects in detail.


Applied Agricultures (N/A)

Applied Agricultures (AppAgri, Agri) is a child mod of IE. It will add some kind of automatic farming to AE2.


Applied Intelligences (N/A)

Applied Intelligences (AppInt, AI) is a child mod of IE. It will add automatic crafting logic to AE2 when rv1 is released.