Integrated NBT

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Integrated NBT

Integrated NBT is an addon for Minecraft mod Integrated Dynamics. It adds a simple and fast way of extracting deeply nested values from a complex NBT variable via a graphical user interface.


Support for different output modes:

GUI is responsive and usable across all GUI scales and screen resolutions:

Source code of this mod can be found here.


You also need to install Integrated Dynamics, as this is an addon for it.

How to Use

Integrated NBT adds two things: NBT Extractor and NBT Extractor Remote.

To use NBT Extractor, you should place it down and connect it to your Integrated Dynamics network. Then, right click to open its GUI. In the GUI, place a variable that stores a NBT value into the left slot. Note, this variable has to be evaluable within the connected network. Once the variable is placed, a tree should be rendered in the screen above.

Now, you may pick a value you wish to extract by left clicking the corresponding entry, which will select it immediately. Then, you should place an empty variable or a variable that is no longer needed into the right slot. This will record such extraction process into this variable. Now, you can take out the variable on the right and use it just like any other variables.

It is not necessary to move the source NBT variable to a variable store, as both slots in the NBT Extractor act like in a variable store.

If you wish to remotely access a NBT Extractor, you can craft a NBT Extractor Remote. Simply right click a NBT Extractor block with the remote will bind the remote to the NBT Extractor. Then, as long as the bound NBT Extractor block is still loaded on your client (which means, you cannot go far away or go to another dimension), you may "interact" with it via right clicking while holding the NBT Extractor Remote.

As said above, the extraction process is stored within the variable, so you may remove the NBT Extractor after finishing programming your system.


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