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Instrumentus aims to improve upon the current Vanilla tool system by adding new tools and blocks that don't change the gameplay of Vanilla Minecraft too much, but still works to add and enhance the minecraft experience.


The 1.16.5 build is still being actively worked on!


Currently Included

- More Shears: Shears for every tool-level, shearing sheep doesn't have to be gated behind iron anymore!

- Sickles: Need a quick and dirty way to clear out a forest? The Sickle is the way to go!

- Paxels: Pickaxe! Shovel! Axe! Only the Paxel, master of all three tools, can conquer every block! (it can strip logs and make paths too!)

Hammers! Vanilla style Hammers that mine in a 3x3 area in the direction you are looking. Great for mining!

Energized Di-Emerald Tools: These are Forge Energy-Powered versions of all of the tools in Instrumentus. There is currently no way to charge them with the mod, you'll need other mods for that :)

Netherite Variations of all the Tools: Crafted in the smithing table similarly to vanilla Netherite tools

Soul-Infused Pickaxe: Right click to place a soul flame, which causes light equal to a torch

Special Armor with Set Bonuses: Special high-tier armor that give the user special effects if you wear the entire set, like Fire Resistance and the ability to Teleport!



- Cross-Mod Compatibility: One of Instumentus 1.10.2's biggest strengths was it's cross mod compatibility. That is coming back soon, and you'll be able to make tools out of materials from Botania and more!

More Armor Sets: More unique armor sets are coming soon!

- More Tools: More unique and special tools are coming soon!


Please feel free to suggest your new tools down below!


If you encounter any bugs, please report them to the Issue Tracker.






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