Insanity Dimension

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You wanna go insane? Try

Insanity Dimension



This mod currently adds the following:

Dimensions - Insanity Dimension, Benandronite Dimension, Rainbow Dimension, Dark Dimension, Uno Dimension, Colosseum Dimension, Pumpkinite Dimension (Creative only after November)


Mobs - Dimension Guardian, Sweet Spider, Smiley/Smiley the Maniac, Rainbow Creeper, Rainbow Zombie, Rainbow Pig, Dark Pig, Dark Creeper, Insane Dimension  Guard (Boss?), Dimension Spawn (Boss), Digital Creeper, Fading Creeper


Blocks - Charorite Ore, Benandronite Ore, Insanity Ore, Benandronite Block, Benandronite Gravel, Rainbow Ore, Rainbow Block, Dark Stone, Dark Dirt, Special Block :), Useless Dirt, Goo (Fluid), Uno Ores, Color Ore, Color Block, Brown Gem Block, Dimension Spawn Spawner, Dimension Spawn Ruby Block, Glitch.Block(1), Glitch.Block(2), Dark Bedrock, Silk Touch Ore, Pumpkinite Ore, Pumpkinite Block


Tools - Charorite Sword & Pickaxe, Benandronite Tools, Enhanced Benandronite Tools, and a...special...effect on Charorite tools, Benandronite & Blindronite (flint & steel), Insanity & Blindronite, Rainbow Bow & Arrow, Insanity & Dark Dirt Flint, Dark Tools, Dark Armor, Uno Tools, Uno Armor, Uno Igniter, Smoothed Benandronite Tools, Color Gem Armor, Brown Gem Armor, Dimension Spawn Tools, H O E S, Glitch.Block(1) Armor, Potions, Pumpkinite Tools, Pumpkinite Armor


Structures - "Small Mountain", "E G G", "Stairs", "Lapis", 14 Chests, 7 Spawners, 8 Portals, Ultimate Jungle Tree, Better E G G, Dimension Spawn Arena, Insanity Guard Spawn, Max Beacon, Ritual, End Crystal Ores, Glass Domes, Beacon Tower, "Diamond Ruins" (No diamonds guaranteed), Free Diamonds, Wolf Statue, Obsidian Lava Trap, Stacked Oak Trees, Dark Bedrock Structure



Armor - Charorite Armor , Benandronite Armor, Insanity Armor, Dark Armor, Uno Armor, Color Gem Armor, Brown Gem Armor, Glitch.Block(1) Armor, Pumpkinite Armor




Credit to Glitchboi for creating the mod logo, Rainbow Pig, Rainbow Zombie, Dark Pig, Dark Creeper, Uno Ore and item textures, Color Gem armor, Kernel armor, Pumpkinite armor, and the Pumpkinite item.

Credit to Cintlex for creating the two potions from Beta 2.6, some other stuff from Beta 2.6, making the description nicer, and helping with the Halloween update.



  • Release 1.2 - Soon™
  • Potion Of Toughness Recipe
  • Scrawny Potion Recipe
  • and more to be revealed...

I used MCreator 1.8.3 , 1.9.0 (Beta 2.6), and 1.9.1 (Release 1.0+) to create this mod.


Need the crafting recipes? All of them up to Release 1.0 are here:


Use this seed with Alpha 1.5, 1.5.1, or 1.5.2 to get a ravine full of Rainbow ore and Benandronite ore: 7514953271645286615

Use this seed with Alpha 1.5.4 for pure insanity: -6234757589511131529


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