Infinity Water Bucket


Infinity Water Bucket

Infinity Water Bucket Overview:

Infinity Water Bucket is a small mod that allows the Infinity enchantment for Water Buckets, using an anvil, providing an infinite portable water source. It also allows you to use the Infinity enchantment on empty Buckets, providing an infinite liquid void.


Infinity Water Bucket Community:

Myself, along with other players of Infinity Water Bucket, can found at our Discord here. There is also a Guilded server for those who prefer to join it instead of Discord.


Infinity Water Bucket Requirements:

Infinity Water Bucket can be played using either Forge or Fabric and even Legacy Fabric. On Fabric (including Legacy Fabric) the Fabric API is optional.

Main Features:

  • Uses Mixin to allow the Infinity enchantment to be applied to empty and water buckets.
    • Works with Dispensers to place infinite water or pickup infinite liquids
    • Prevents Enchanted empty buckets from milking cows
    • Prevents Enchanted from picking up fish & axolotls
    • Allows you to fill/consume cauldrons with an infinite supply
  • Server-side, but without it on the client causes visual glitches
  • Built-in Update Checker
  • Mod Support



Minecraft Version:

Please do not ask for Infinity Water Bucket to be ported to an older version of Minecraft. coolsim intends to maintain all current Minecraft versions (1.4.7+) and is willing to backport the Forge Version further when the associated RetroGradle updates are out. coolsim will begin to update Infinity Water Bucket to 1.20 as the corresponding Forge & Fabric Full Release version is released, so please don't ask. 


License and Modpacks:

Please feel free to use Infinity Water Bucket in any modpack whilst making sure to give credit to coolsim. Do not redistribute Infinity Water Bucket in any form.