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Whether you are a creative player or an admin. There are always moments where the Creative Menu and the Commands you have access to just doesn't quite cover your needs. Infinity aims to allow you to customize items down to the smallest details, such as the inventory of the chest on the mule in your spawnegg. Even if you don't need to edit to such a degree, the ability to rename items and their lore might be useful.

Discord Server:

We've recently started a discord server centered around the mod, item editing, and other things creative. Hope to see you there!


Please remember that the mod is still at a very early stage. It might have problems and missing features. Suggestions and bug reports are appreciated!


  • Completely clientside, which means you can use it on most servers, as long as you have creative
  • Customized GUIs for nearly every item. You won't have to edit any NBT manually
  • Attribute, Enchantment, and Potion editors, which allows you to create the strongest possible items
  • Dynamic Interface. The GUI changes based on the item you are editing, just press the button and you'll see which options are available for that item
  • Head Collection. Spawn a head from the collection of more than 20.000 heads. (Thanks to API)
  • Custom Creative Tabs. Items that aren't normally available in any creative tab, such as barriers and commands blocks. Supports modded items too
  • Copy Equipment Keybinding. Will copy the armor and items in the hand of the player, you are targetting
  • NBT Browser, even if you don't have creative or don't want to edit any items, you can use the mod to explore the NBT data of an item.

- Make some items show model instead of item texture (like showing the armorstand in inventory)

- More spawn egg editing (like villager trades and owner of pet)

- Creative Tab creation

- Item/Inventory Saving

- More color options for the gui

- Support for items belonging to some popular mods - like Tinker's Construct, which is almost impossible to edit manually.

Trailer (Thanks SamuraiPotato):

Getting Started:

Once you're in the game you have to be in creative mode. Everything in the mods works through a single keybinding (default: U).

To get started, put an item on the Action Bar, and with the item in your hand, press the keybinding (default: U).

You can now change the values of the items.

When you are finished, you click one of the buttons at the bottom.

If anything seems difficult to understand, don't hesitate from leaving a comment below. I'll come back with an explanation or improve the interface.

Pressing Esc on your keyboard acts like pressing the "Back" button.


Save: Overrides the item in your hand with the new one.

Give: Adds a copy of the item to your inventory.

Reset: Removes all custom data from the item you are currently editing.

Back: Closes the menu without making any changes to the item in your hand.


Thank you for your attention! If you take the time to put a comment below, it would be much appreciated, comments really help me out! Also, please join the Discord, if you haven't already! :)


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