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Infinity Cave

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Infinity Cave changes the world height from -64 to -128 and adds a new type of cave generation where it all interconnects into an absurdly giant cave system. There are 5 new cave biomes and additions to the Deep Dark biome, making it possible to explore 6 different biomes. Each biome has at least 1 structure with the help from Viavir who is a fantastic builder. However, regular Minecraft mobs do not spawn in these caves. Instead, there is a custom mob-spawning system which is very difficult compared to normal mobs. Infinity Cave is designed for later stages of the game and introduces roguelike mechanics to explore and conquer the caves. Be warned, due to its difficulty, it is suggested to play on Easy mode the first time playing.

Mob Spawning System

Mob types

Mobs come in 5 different tiers: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary. Each mob has randomized stats making all of them unique to each other. Each mob will be assigned a random offhand item. These items have different mechanics that affect the mob's stats or behaviour. It is not possible for higher tiers to spawn right away as the player must defeat Common mobs and Uncommon mobs in order to progress. Infinity Cave has a progressive point system which is designed around groups, meaning if you play with your friends they will also progress with you while fighting in the caves. With this in mind there are several different items one can obtain and utilise to snowball into defeating higher tiers. When the Rare tier is unlocked, more custom mobs will spawn, such as the Magician and the Alchemist which differs from normal mobs, and more difficult. At last, probably the strongest mob; the Bomber. The Bomber can only spawn as an Epic or above, be careful when fighting it. Legendaries have their own bossbar and has a randomly assigned element to them which can be extremely deadly and requires good maneuverability.


/function infinity_cave:settings

Shows a menu which give options such as disabling mob-spawning, tweaking the difficulty and mob behaviour. Difficulty is set to easy as default due to the difficulty this provides.

/scoreboard players set [PLAYER] ic.progression [AMOUNT]

Sets the progression stage of the user. Legendaries start spawning at 1000 progression for example.

/scoreboard objectives setdisplay list ic.progression

Will display a player's progression in tab, you can modify this to your will.

Custom Items

There are a plethora of custom items to be obtained with tons more items being planned in the future. Custom weapons and armor are dropped from legendaries-only. Another custom item which is essential to Infinity Cave is Enchantlets. Enchantlets can enchant items with enchants that are not obtainable in vanilla Minecraft. For more information, read the guidebook which is obtained by spawning a custom mob for the first time


Infinity Cave is in early beta, it is probably incompatible with a lot of world generation mods and data pack which uses resource packs.


Supercrafter100, Sackred, PyroStunts, Daridon (for their awesome dynamic bossbars library and Apollo (for the worldgen method under -52)