Infinite Pollution Filter

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Do you hate as me the base filters?
Do you need an infinite filter for pollution??



Me and PierKnight have created this mod for resolve this problems.

Q & A

- How can I activate the filter?

  To feel its power you need to right click the filter with the item activator, by default is Nether Star.


- How can I modify the item activator? [ Nether star ]

  You change that in your config/infilter/item_activator.cfg file.

- Is It infinite?

  Discover it by yourself :3


- Is It too op?

  We don't think so :/

- How can I help you?

  You can support me on my patreon page

    - ItHurtsLikeHellPatreon Link


- Where can I talk with you or suggest something?

  Join our Discord community server, you can find other mods and modpacks developed by us

    Warning, read info-rules channel first.


# General Configuration File

general {
# Disable the message when you active the filter
B:"Disable activation message"=false

# Disable particles in the block
B:"Disable particles"=false

general {
# If the number is large it is faster
I:"Item Activation Rotation Speed"=4

# The item is big as the number
D:"Item Activator Dimension"=1.5

# How many item is needed to activate the filter
# Min: 1
# Max: 64
I:"Item Quantity Needded"=1

# modId:itemId | i.g. minecraft:gold_ingot
S:"Set the item/block"=minecraft:nether_star


If you want to share a crash-log or log files use Gist or Pastebin