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InfiniBows (Infinity Bow Fix)


InfiniBows is a coremod, by Myrathi, that removes the need for a single arrow in a player's inventory when using a bow enchanted with "Infinity I".

Minecraft 1.7.10

As of v1.3.0 build 20 the mod supports the 1.7.10 client.

Minecraft 1.6.4

As of v1.2.0 build 14 the mod supports the 1.6.4 client.

Minecraft 1.6.2

As of v1.1.0 build 12 the mod supports the 1.6.2 client and must be installed into the /mods folder, just like every other normal mod.

Minecraft 1.5.2

This was the initial v1.0.0 build 10, released for the 1.5.2 client. It required installing into the /coremods folder.

How It Works

Simply installing the mod into the correct folder (see above) enables the mod's features.

There are no additional GUIs, items or blocks.



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