Industrial Revolution by Redstone Rebooted

Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016 Game Version: 1.7.10


Feb 14, 2016

Owner: plusplus_Farore


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IR3 is an Independent tech mod for Minecraft 1.7.10. This mod adds ores, energy system, machines, pipes, tanks, decorations, foods and tools.





Forge #1448+



The main additional elements(Google Translation)

  • Ore

As a new ore to the normal underground, tin, copper, silver will be added. Different altitude is generated, respectively. In addition, the bottom of the sea (gravel) of marine biomes, as a new resource, manganese crust, cobalt crust is generated. The crust can increase the mining amount of luck, you metal is obtained by processing in the crusher a crust that was mined.

  • Advanced Redstone Signal

Advanced Redstone Signal is high-frequency redstone pulse. It has two of the parameters of the signal strength and frequency. Signal strength is level of signal. It will decay 1RSS by every 1m.  Frequency is related to the operating speed of the machine. Frequency will not decay.

  • Redstone Cable

This cable is used to transmit the development Redstone signal. The upper limit of the signal strength and frequency that can be handled by the material that was used to craft are different. You can also change the color of the cable that you craft along with the dye. No connection cable between different color.

  • Redstone Pipe

As well as the cable to transfer the Advanced Redstone Signal. It also conveys the items at a rate of one second per 1m (block). By using a pipe, it can automate the processing facilities with a small wiring. Pipe faces the surface that has been clicked when installed.
Pipe orientation and target block of the carry-out pipe, on the other hand will be the criteria to select the direction of the traffic in the pipe.

  • Pulse Generator

It is a machine that outputs the development Redstone signal. Except for the ultra-low frequency pulse generator, it is to be running will be required crystal unit. The signal to be output will depend on the performance of the crystal unit that was used as a pulse generator. In addition, the pulse generator is not is not run while receiving a vanilla RS signal, it does not even wear of the crystal unit.

  • Crystal Unit
The item that becomes the fuel of the pulse generator. Basically Nether Quartz, Red Stone, and the jewelry and material. If the maximum output frequency of the crystal unit is higher than that of the pulse generator, by that amount vibrator will last longer.
  • Redstone Machine

It is a machine that runs on advanced redstone signal. It will do the job, such as processing and collection of items by receiving the input, which is determined by the rating. Corresponds to the loading and unloading by the hopper, etc., processing machinery will carry-out the finished product from the surface of the bottom by default, you can carry the material item from a surface other than the other of the front. If the other machine can loading and unloading of the corresponding item from a surface other than the front. Finished product carry-out surface of the processing machine can be changed in the item "Wrench". In addition, the cable will lead to any surface if other than the front.



For Developer:

Source code is available from dev package. Add-on development is basically free, but please contact a word to me always. The development of the mod of converting the energy of this mod to other energy does not allow. (It is the same even in reverse.)



Redistribution of jar files is not basically allowed.
If you would make modpack and distribute it, please contact a word to me(this page or Twitter(@plusplus_san)).


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