Industrial Renewal

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An industrial style mod that aims to make the aesthetic part of your industry much more real.



Survival Ready.


Use JEI for Recipes.


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Currently implemented:



NEW in 0.17:


- Lathe machine (JEI compat)

   - Crafttweaker compat:

       mods.industrialrenewal.lathe.addRecipe(IIngredient output, IIngredient input, int time)
mods.industrialrenewal.lathe.removeRecipe(IIngredient output)

see more in


New in 0.16:

- Dam Generation (Dam turbine, Dam generator, Dam Shaft, Dam intake / outflow)
- Steel block

- Concrete block


HUGE pipes and chunck loading improvments.


New in 0.15:


- Cable/Pipe Tray (group cable and pipe at the same block)


 - see more in

New in 0.14:

- Creative energy generator

- HV wire energy transmission (Transformer - Isolators - transformer) (max 10240FE/t)

- Two new energy cables (LV 256FE/t, MV 1024FE/t, HV 10240FE/t)

- New Energy Breaker


- see all on github

New in 0.13:

Rail Gate

Razor wire

Cargo/Fluid cart Transfer

Bulk cargo cart

Bulk conveyor Inserter (right click bulk conveyor with Dispenser)


Save content fixes

see more on github.


New in 0.12.0:


Energy Cable (1024 FE/t per connector)

Fluid Pipe (600 mB/t per connector)

Bulk conveyor (Transport itens)

Solar Frame (generates twice per solar panel)

Energy level indicator (Shows the block energy level)


Valve pipe now pull fluids from containers


New In 0.11:


-Bunker Hatch

-Wind Turbine (~110 FE/t)

-Bunker bed

-Chunk Loader



-New Config file (Remove config file before updating)

-Gauge on Fluid tank cart (Removed GUI)

-Fluid valve can pull fluids

-Roofs are now rotateable

-catwalks rails can be disabled with power screw drive

New In 0.10:


-Flat Cart

-Fluid Cart

-Fluid Pipe (Still Wip)

-Trash bin (Voids Energy, Itens and Fluids)

-Basic Solar Panel (generates 10 FE/t)

-Battery Bank (Store 1M FE)

-Steam Boiler (Generate Steam from water using Solid fuel (Solid Firebox) or Fluids (Fluid Firebox))

-Steam Turbine (Generates 1000 FE/t)

-Electric Pump (Collect fluids below)


-Fixed packet crash on load itens or fluid in carts


New In 0.9:

- Log cart

- Passenger cart

- Fluid Barrel

- Fluid Gauge

- Emergency redstone button

- Big electric fence


- electric gate now is multiblock (1 wide max)


NEW IN 0.8

- Steel Variants Blocks (Thanks to xpycmbs for models

-Powered drill (used to rotate or pick up the blocks of this mod)

-Most of the blocks are just cosmetics, like the pillar, brace, column, frame, chimney, external light, roof and windows.

-Catwalks (Include: catwalk, stairs, ladders, gate and hatch)

-Gutter (collects water when it is raining if positioned at the edge of the roof)

-Scaffold (Same as IC2 but fancy)

-Electric fence (deals damage to player / mob when touched and is lit, was done after a jurassic park marathon)

-Industrial Alarm (rings an alarm when powered by redstone)

-Fire extinguisher (as a item estinguish fire and lava in a 3x3 area, Shift-Right click to place as a block can estinguish players on fire)

-Medkit (item) Heals player for a smal time, First Aid box can store MedKits With  Shift-Right click and heal with Right click empry hand

-Buffer stop rail

-Hazard signs (ground and wall)

-WIP Creative tab for blocks that is not done yet

-8-bit music disc

-Disc player (store up to 4 discs)

-rain sensor


      -Rails (Same as vanilla but 3d, crossing rail makes the cart whistle)

      -Cargo container (Minecart chest with a better looking)

      -Steam locomotive (A minecart furnace with diferent model for now)





To-do list:

-Energy cables and fluid pipes (only the power / fluid distribution code is missing) DONE

-Logic gates and redstone wire (like project red ones)

-Linkable carts???

-Animated blocks like exhaust fan ...

-more in Trello(mostly in pt-br).



This is my first mod, actually it is the first time I use java, previously I only used C ++ to program microcontrollers.
so expect bugs and unimaginable things by looking at the source code.



Many thanks to shadowfacts in for show how to start the mod,

Thanks to Phylogeny for this amazing tool



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