Industrial Reborn

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Industrial Reborn
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Im looking for texture artist! If you are insterrested contact me!

Some of the texutes are not mine and are borrowed from here and the aurors are Freezy and Faustentian, final version will have proper texutes.


📖 Description

Industrial Reborn mod aims to add many electrical machines, blocks, and items to modern versions of Minecraft.Inspiration for this mod is well-known Industrial Craft 2. Keep in mind that this mod is early in developement and many things might change from version to version. I'm open to new suggestion so if you have one please write a comment.


🔌 Cables

Currently in mod there is 9 cable variants including insulated variants. They can handle different amount of Industrial Energy per tick. Be aware that non isulated cables can shock you!



- Tin Cable 32 IE/t

- Copper Cable 128 IE/t

- Gold Cable 512 IE/t

- HV Cable 2048 IE/t

- Glass Fibre Cable 8192 IE/t



In order to produce energy you need some kind of energy generator.



- Generator 10 IE/t

- Solar Panel 1 IE/t

- Advanced Solar Panel 8 IE/t

- Hybrid Solar Panel 64 IE/t

- Quantum Solar Panel 512 IE/t

- Geothermal Generator 20 IE/t

- Semifluid Generator 24 IE/t


🔋 Energy Storage

Store your generated energy.



 - Battery Box 40k IE

- CESU 300k IE




⚙️ Machines

There is many machines you can use to create new resources and process materials.



- Iron Furnace

- Electric Furnace

- Crusher

- Compressor

- Extractor

- Sawmill

- Extruder

- Alloy Smelter

- Recycler

- Canning Machine

- Fluid Enricher

- Fermenter



There is more in this mod to offer and new things are added each update, check it out by yourself!


 Industrial Reborn is a mod for Forge, and there are no plans to port this mod to Fabric.

You can use this mod in any modpack without asking for permission.

I'll not make port to older version of minecraft!


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