Industrial Foregoing

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Filename industrialforegoing-1.12.2-1.12.13-237.jar
Uploaded by Buuz135
Uploaded Jul 21, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 1.53 MB
Downloads 5,625,741
MD5 a9330399f14295d90e4ec3b5bb93f81f
Supported Java Versions
Java 9
Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


Industrial Foregoing

1.12.13 (2019-07-21 11:43:55 +0200)

  • Increased Version (Buuz135)
  • Just pink gets highlighted, closes #576 (Buuz135)
  • Fixed fluid pump thinking that flowing fluids were a full fluid, closes #514 and closes #568 (Buuz135)
  • Fluid Dictionary Converter now renders the name of fluids without a bucket, closes #557 (Buuz135)
  • Fertilizer now works inside dispensers, closes #570 (Buuz135)
  • Fixed Enchantment Applicator accepting stack sizes bigger than 1, closes #571 (Buuz135)
  • Fixed Oredictionary issues, closes #585 (Buuz135)
  • Fixed Plant interactor not harvesting plants if the bottom block in the area couldnt be broken, closes #573 (Buuz135)
  • Infinity drill's mining/digging level is max now, closes #560 (Buuz135)
  • Create (Buuz135)
  • Update contributors.json (Buuz135)
  • Create FUNDING.yml (Buuz135)
  • Update contributors.json (Coded)

1.12.12 (2019-04-16 12:19:15 +0200)

  • Meat feeders now fill from tank in your inventory, closes #444 (Buuz135)
  • Hopefully fixed a couple of conveyors issues, closes #554 and closes #556 (Buuz135)
  • Hydrator now waters farmland in its working area (Buuz135)
  • Forced a Forge version so I can properly use those version features with crashes, closes #542 (Buuz135)
  • Fixed #549 (TomShkurti)

1.12.11 (2019-03-31 21:17:25 +0200)

  • Extraction upgrades on the conveyors are 50% less op by not removing armor from mobs, closes #539 (Buuz135)

1.12.10 (2019-03-26 21:21:27 +0100)

  • Moved smelting recipe earlier so its properly registered in other mods, closes #537 (Buuz135)

1.12.9 (2019-03-26 11:56:00 +0100)

  • Increased version (Buuz135)
  • Improved range addons tooltip to be more descriptive (Buuz135)
  • Fixed Infinity Drill resetting breaking progress when being charged, closes #526 (Buuz135)
  • Deprecated the Black Hole Controller and made a new machine to replace its functionality in an improved way allowing you to use Black Hole Tanks too, closes #406 , closes #443 (Buuz135)
  • Refixed some config stuff for items (Buuz135)
  • Black Hole Unit now has proper item handler capabilities (Buuz135)
  • Black Hole Tank now has proper fluid item capabilities (Buuz135)
  • Maybe improved plant gatherer, closes #531 (Buuz135)

1.12.8 (2019-03-15 15:38:27 +0100)

  • Increased version (Buuz135)
  • Changed some config stuff so values generate better in the file (Buuz135)

1.12.7 (2019-03-10 15:47:14 +0100)

  • Increased version (Buuz135)
  • Fixed fluid pumps trying to pump fluids when the area is protected and not replacing the source properly, closes #514 (Buuz135)
  • Fixed an incompatibility issue with the black hole unit, closes #516 (Buuz135)
  • Made some changes that will make multiblock edition easier (Buuz135)

1.12.6 (2019-02-24 13:27:27 +0100)

  • Increased version (Buuz135)
  • Fixed Black Hole Unit accepting items that were the same but one had NBT and the other one didnt, closes #507 closes #509 (Buuz135)
  • Fixed Black Hole Units not accepting new types of items when empty, closes #508 (Buuz135)
  • Fixed output slots in the black hole controller not being refilled, closes #503 (Buuz135)
  • Fixed a Fluid Dictionary crash when the input didnt had an output, closes #511 (Buuz135)
  • Update contributors.json (Buuz135)

1.12.5 (2019-02-02 16:24:29 +0100)

  • Fixed Black Hole controller refilling items that were different, closes #493 (Buuz135)
  • Fixed nbt issues with the Black Hole Controller, closes #488 (Buuz135)
  • Fixed Drill not consuming biofuel, closes #494 (Buuz135)
  • Fixed Drilled not being able to be charged in machines (Buuz135)
  • Update (Coded)
  • Update (Coded)
  • its 2019 (Coded)
  • IF now has dogs (Coded)
  • Update contributors.json (Buuz135)
  • Update contributors.json (Buuz135)

1.12.4 (2019-01-01 18:51:30 +0100)

  • Added a blacklist for the animal grower, this time its the correct machine (Buuz135)
  • Made shiny variant more rare (Buuz135)

1.12.3 (2018-12-30 17:01:07 +0100)

  • Added a black list for the animal feeder (Buuz135)
  • Added a safe check of the laser drill ore dictionary values when they list is empty (Buuz135)
  • Updated pt_BR (InterPlay)
  • Updated pt_BR lang (InterPlay)

1.12.2 (2018-12-22 20:22:43 +0100)

  • Fixed Server crashes accessing minecraft instance, closes #479 (Buuz135)

1.12.1 (2018-12-21 23:59:19 +0100)

  • Try-Catched API exceptions for the mods that use them (Buuz135)

1.12.0 (2018-12-21 23:16:06 +0100)

  • Increased version (Buuz135)
  • Fixed IF creative tab not having an icon when the Black Hole Unit is disabled, closes #472 (Buuz135)
  • Fixed not being able to insert the Infinity Drill into the Enchantment Extractor, closes #473 (Buuz135)
  • Delayed recipe loading (Buuz135)
  • Formatted code (Buuz135)
  • Added a ton of default values (Buuz135)
  • Made item find for the laser drill safer in case it is missing (Buuz135)
  • Added OreDictionary support for the json (Buuz135)
  • Localized JEI things (Buuz135)
  • Removed all the TODOs and added exceptions when needed to inform modpack makers about the new changes (Buuz135)
  • Added JEI handling for the new laser drill format (Buuz135)
  • Changed the order of how gui pieces get added to the gui to prevent color leaking (Buuz135)
  • Improved pump functionality , closes #469 (Buuz135)
  • Prototyped config-based laser drill. (TomShkurti)
  • Changed bauble dependency (Buuz135)
  • Fixed energy buffer not changing with config values, closes #470 (Buuz135)

1.11.10 (2018-12-05 14:56:26 +0100)

  • Increased version (Buuz135)
  • Made drill textures more efficient (by WBgroup) (Buuz135)
  • Added config values for the infinity drill power req and mining size (Buuz135)
  • Fixed contributors stuff not working properly (Buuz135)
  • Really fixed modded blocks not being able to be broken, re closes #466 (Buuz135)

1.11.9 (2018-12-04 12:24:28 +0100)

  • Increased version (Buuz135)
  • Infinity drill now handles modded blocks better, closes #466 (Buuz135)
  • Infinity Drill now does damage (Buuz135)
  • Update contributors.json (Buuz135)

1.11.8 (2018-12-03 08:11:37 +0100)

  • Fixed mod version (Buuz135)
  • Notify the player in the status bar when changing the mining area (Buuz135)
  • Made shiny versions more rarer (Buuz135)
  • Fixed particle disabling alpha and not re-enabling it, closes #462 (Buuz135)

1.11.7 (2018-12-02 21:46:42 +0100)

  • Increased version (Buuz135)
  • Improved sludge refiner JEI recipe (Buuz135)
  • Improved laser drill JEI recipe (Buuz135)
  • Forced a slot limit of 1 in the Enchantment Extractor input, closes #460 (Buuz135)
  • Fixed Black Hole Controller assuming stack sizes in the output side, closes #459 (Buuz135)
  • Fixed storing entities in the Conveyor Extraction Upgrade that were prevented from being added to the world, closes #455 (Buuz135)
  • Added infinity drill recipe (Buuz135)
  • Fixed Black Hole Tank adding empty nbt fluid tags when placed, closes #454 (Buuz135)
  • Added the Infinity Drill (Buuz135)
  • Add nether and end variants of all ores to the laser drill (Joseph C. Sible)
  • Move the "ore" prefix into checkAndAddLaserDrill (Joseph C. Sible)
  • Special-case glowstone's laser drill entry (Joseph C. Sible)
  • Update contributors.json (Buuz135)

1.11.6 (2018-11-11 17:39:39 +0100)

  • Increased version (Buuz135)
  • Fixed elytra not being able to be inserted in the enchantment applicator, closes #452 (Buuz135)
  • Fixed black hole tanks not writing nbt fluid when placed, closes #451 (Buuz135)
  • Fixed small color checking inefficiency, closes #450 (Buuz135)
  • Fixed Black Hole Controller not checking nbt for inserting items, closes #449 (Buuz135)
  • Fixed Black Hole Tanks rendering color in all the side (Buuz135)
  • Fixed Black Hole Stuff dropping twice when harvested with special methods, closes #447 (Buuz135)
  • Added a config option to increase the energy buffer of machines, closes #446 (Buuz135)

1.11.5 (2018-10-16 15:04:23 +0200)

  • Increased version (Buuz135)
  • The enchantment applicator now accepts hoes, closes #437 (Buuz135)
  • Added Pitiful Fuel Generator, an early game fuel generator (Buuz135)
  • Made sure that the Petrified Fuel Generator doesnt use fluid stuffs (Buuz135)
  • Simplified Tree Fluid Extractor logic (Buuz135)
  • Maybe improved mob crusher performance (Buuz135)
  • Maybe improved black hole controller performance (Buuz135)
  • Updated to mappings stable_39 (Buuz135)
  • Removed some unnecesary code (Buuz135)
  • Improved Black Hole Unit efficiency (Buuz135)
  • Animal Rancher won't try to milk a Moo Fluid cow if its tank is full with a different fluid (zerofall)
  • Update contributors.json (Buuz135)
  • Added sugarcane to the bioreactor (Buuz135)
  • Fixed item repair cost (Managarmr)

1.11.4 (2018-10-02 20:54:28 +0200)

  • Fixed server side crash (Buuz135)

1.11.3 (2018-10-02 19:30:10 +0200)

  • Updated version and license (Buuz135)
  • Enchantment extractor reduces the repair cost when extracting enchantments, closes #422 (Buuz135)
  • Buffed hydrator range but it still doesnt hydrate water because forge doesnt accept PRs, closes #424 (Buuz135)
  • Enchantment Extractor now accepts enchanted books with 1 enchant and they simply get pushed to the output, closes #426 (Buuz135)
  • Enchantment Sorter now process stacks at a time, closes #425 (Buuz135)
  • Fixed potion brewer not working when the potions are stacked, closes #427 (Buuz135)
  • Fixed conveyor filters JEI dragging not filtering itemstacks , closes #430 (Buuz135)
  • Fixed black hole units going over the int limit, closes #431 (Buuz135)
  • Removed some debug (Buuz135)
  • Filters now work with fluids (Buuz135)
  • Added fluid conveyors (Buuz135)
  • Update things (Buuz135)

1.11.2 (2018-08-27 23:30:48 +0200)

  • Added a config option to change how much power the liquids generators produces, closes #421 (Buuz135)
  • Fixed Black Hole Unit stopped working when stacks were less than 64, closes #420 (Buuz135)
  • Fixed Ore Sieve not consuming items (Buuz135)
  • Fixed being able to extract from the spore recreator input (Buuz135)

1.11.1 (2018-08-18 20:30:42 +0200)

  • Added fortune addon (Buuz135)
  • Animals now produce more Pink slime in the Mob Slaughter Factory (Buuz135)
  • Fixed some description typos (Buuz135)
  • Added glowstone to the laser drill (Buuz135)
  • Buffed Fermentation Station operations (Buuz135)
  • Added a botton the plant sower to disable hoeing, closes #412 (Buuz135)
  • Update ko_KR.lang (E. Kim)
  • Update ko_KR.lang (E. Kim)
  • Update ko_KR.lang (E. Kim)
  • Update ko_KR.lang (E. Kim)
  • Update ko_KR.lang (E. Kim)
  • Create ko_KR.lang (E. Kim)

1.11.0 (2018-08-11 21:04:34 +0200)

  • Fixed some random casting code that did nothing in the sludge refiner, closes #405 (Buuz135)
  • Fixed labels sometimes crashing, closes #404 (Buuz135)
  • Added a few uses for the pink slime ingot, more incoming soon (Buuz135)
  • Added a recipe for the pink slime ingot using the Fluid Sieve (Buuz135)
  • Added better localizations for some stuff (Buuz135)
  • Added pink slime ingot (Buuz135)
  • Updated translation (Ore Meat and etc...) (DenisMasterHerobrine)
  • Added a better description for the Fermentation Station (Buuz135)
  • Added Washing Factory, Fermentation Station and Fluid Sieving Machine, a new ore processing system based on meat. (Buuz135)
  • [ru-RU] Updated translation to v1.10.7-204 (DenisMasterHerobrine)

1.10.7 (2018-07-24 18:48:30 +0200)

  • Extractor JEI Handler is more descriptive (Buuz135)
  • Added a parameter to the extractor to define progress increase chance (between 0 and 1). The block that is being consumed can be broken 7 times so a recipe with a progress increase chance of 1 it will run only 7 times. (Buuz135)
  • Added Froster outputs to JEI (Buuz135)
  • Updated forge (Buuz135)
  • Added changelog generation, curseforge distribution and license formatting (Buuz135)

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