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Filename industrialcraft-2-2.8.109-ex112.jar
Uploaded by Aroma1997
Uploaded Jan 24, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions
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Java 8


Update headlines with custom profile support to allow the content of IC2 to be heavily tweaked

  • Ships with two profiles by default, Experimental (default) and Classic (old item/textures/recipes)
  • Additional profiles can be added as zips or folders in the ic2_profiles directory containing a profile.xml
  • Profile is selected via the profile section in the config (by case-insensitive name), needs a game restart to apply currently
  • Allows overriding of individual textures, including other mods
  • Allows the adding to or replacement of recipes by machine (including the crafting table and furnace)
  • Has the option of using the Experimental or Classic item set, or both if you really like balancing things
  • Full world compatibility between profiles, down to machines remembering their tier and energy capacity
  • Open to suggestions or improvements as always on the forums

Notable improvements to audio (new sounds added, pauses with the game and volume configurable in game separately), the Windmeter (now explains the status of Wind Mills and Turbines, as well as the effective wind strength from nearby obstructions) and tweaks to Uranium processing to be more similar to Factorio's.


Many other improvements and fixes too:

  • Fix Block#getSubBlocks being wrongly marked as client side only
  • Default out ITeBlock place handlers
  • Fix a crash with BlockTileEntity's face shape and breaking particles when passed the wrong location
  • Fix crash when connected to servers IC2 only on the client
  • Improve JEI item transfer in the Industrial Workbench
  • Improve conflicting recipe exceptions
  • Improve the Windmeter to help with Wind Mills and Wind Turbines
  • Add solid UU recipes
  • Fix charging Cropnalyzers with non-single use items
  • Fix turbine rotors appearing empty when heavily damaged
  • Add Item#isEnchantable override to electric armour
  • Fix hand held container item switching
  • Improve networking to release packet data once used
  • Fix Nano Sabre breaking blocks in creative
  • Add additional information for bad fluid containers which return null for IFluidHandlerItem#getContainer
  • Fix energy net event receivers not working
  • Add ItemHandler capability to reactor access hatches
  • Pause IC2 sounds whilst the game is also paused
  • Fix crash with invalid meta values for classic cells
  • Fix foamed cables not rendering the block behind them through the holes
  • Nerf obsidian in the block cutting machine
  • Fix the painter cleaning recipe
  • Fix machine recipes whilst have inputs that use containers
  • Ensure foam state and colour changes always save
  • Fix air containing Universal Fluid Cells emptying recipe
  • Add a noise to gas vapourisation
  • Add config recipe removal back
  • Add an IRecipeType matching NBT exactly
  • Avoid duplicating containers in machine recipes
  • Register recipes earlier to avoid addons adding duplicate recipes before IC2
  • Fix Stirling Kinetic Generator limiting output oddly
  • Fix the Kinetic Stirling Generator and Liquid Heat Exchanger output slots overwriting each other
  • Move IC2 furnace recipes to an ini file (allowing them to be changed)
  • Log when a conflicting recipe is tried to be added but isn't forced
  • Late load some Block Cutting Machine recipes to allow more specific ones to be tried first
  • Fix some recipes only accepting vanilla planks
  • Add slag to the Ore Dictionary (itemSlag)
  • Changed Uranium processing to match Factorio closer
  • Improve the performance of comparator inventory calculations
  • Fix placing cables whilst holding an unpainted Painter
  • Add separate volume control for IC2 audio
  • Change AudioManager#playOnce to a more logical default (breaks Tri-Addon's Gravisuite tools)
  • Add proper furnace sounds for the Electric and Induction Furnaces
  • Fix the classic Canner and Cropmatron GUIs
  • Add sounds to the classic Canner and Iron Furnace
  • Fix pump not switching on whilst working
  • Add a variety of explosion sounds to match the type of explosion
  • Fix Wind and Water Turbines not automatically updating the rotor status
  • Fix crash with classic Empty Cells
  • Fix the dedicated server Watchdog killing UU drop scans
  • Implement IShapedRecipe on AdvRecipe
  • Fix leg and chestplate armour protection values being reversed
  • Guard harder against HandHeldInventory throwing crashes
  • Switch to Forge's FakePlayer
  • Allow putting transformer upgrades in the Condenser
  • Fix the Advanced Miner's tier not scaling with the Miner's (which is configurable)
  • Improve laser events (needed for Full Drop)
  • Allow configuring the tier of the Mass and Matter Fabricators


Updated the following translations:

  • Russian
  • Brazilian Portugese
  • Korean
  • Ukrainian

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