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Inductive-Charge-Systems (ICS) is a mod which is broken off from Advanced-Fluxian-Tools (AFT).


It will be composed of ways to charge items in your inventory only. including:

- Charge platforms of various tiers

- Electro-magnetic field agrigators which will charge in a region

- Chargeable-wear, as in solar hats and kinetic footwear (Will be far more interesting than current options).

All in all, this is an addon to RF Based mods. its not meant to be ran standalone, it is not likely to thrive by it.



1. set up a forge 1208+ minecraft

2. download tgame-core and put in /mods folder

3. download this mod and put in the /mods folder

4. enjoy!


- The source is visible on github, under this link

- is where i will release updates, information and other blabs about my modding and general coding.

- My patreon can be found here as well as the donate button on the side of this page.

Thanks for trying the mod, add some comments and let me know what YOU want and what you are going to do with the mod, bug reports go to the issue tracker, thanks ahead





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