Inductive Automation

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Filename InductiveAutomation-1.10.2-5.3.4.jar
Uploaded by Cd4017be
Uploaded May 13, 2017
Game Version 1.10.2
Size 1.18 MB
Downloads 1,829
MD5 c937006754c3cf0265b00080f1048827
Supported Minecraft 1.10 Versions
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Java 8



  • using new recipe config-script from lib (your old config files will be stored als .old files and replaced)
  • All Bio Reactor recipes moved to recipe script
  • creating OreDictionary entries instead of checking instanceof ItemSeed
  • extended metal processing recipes for Compression Assembler moved to recipe script
  • Fluid Container registration moved to recipe script
  • Pipes now render their contained item/fluid if transfer is blocked
  • Also rendering Filters attached to pipe connections
  • Improved functionality of Item Sorter to make use of Stock Keep and Redstone setting in Item Filters
  • made all maximum voltages configurable per machine instead of just global Tiers
  • made electric working resistance of Miner, Builder, and most other machines configurable
  • made maximum speed of Miner and Builder individually configurable
  • made speed of item, fluid pipes and automatic inventory transfer configurable
  • the Ender Dragon can no longer fly through Unbreakable Stone/Glass (it will bounce of when trying to)
  • split some Item Tooltips in two parts (one main for description and an extra for data values like max voltage energy usage etc.)

requires CD4017BE_lib-4.4.3 

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