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Follow my project on Twitter, also check out my minecraftforum post WIP Mod - Alchemagy for more details and planned updates.


Mod Focus: Adding Alchemy to Minecraft

Adds four types of souls; fake, passive, hostile, and villager, which are all used to craft special alchemagical items to perform transmutations, duplications, and even un-deadifications! Any type of cation really. Except vacation, I don't promise you'll get a vacation.


Currently adds: Sorcerers stone, Terra- and Pyro- magical tools, Mercury ore, and some basic transmutations.


Planned: A lot of stuff, check the spoiler to see what has been added, and what is still planned.

Sorcerers stone
Limited-use weakened philosopher's stones (Chunks)
Elemental tools

Elemental armors
Elemental gloves (added, currently useless, working on them as you read this)
Soul magic
Life/death manipulation
Make your own zombie slave
Surpass death
Liquid matter system which can be used to break down items into liquid matter and remake it into something else
Universal Solvent to dissolve any block (Will hopefully dissolve bedrock above y1 too)
Dimension of emptiness, meant to be like an afterlife kind of realm, called "The Nothing".

This project currently is pretty much my entire free time, so don't be afraid to try it out and give feedback, any extra ideas are welcomed.

If you want to make a spotlight, use in a modpack, etc. feel free, but make sure you link back to this thread to help support this mod.


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