In Game Info XML Addon - Tough As Nails

9,920 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 30, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

Adds tags for Tough As Nails to InGame Info XML.


Tags added:

  • tancurrtemp - Returns the player's current temperature
  • tantargettemp - Returns the temperature the player is currently trending to (capped at 0 and 25)
  • tanseason - Returns the current sub-season (i.e. Early Spring, Mid Summer, Late Autumn) (as of 1.3, this tag needs Serene Seasons installed since that functionality was moved out of Tough As Nails)

Note: This does not add anything to the default configuration. These must be added to the XML (or JSON) file.


Example usage:

  <str>Temperature: $e{tancurrtemp}/{tantargettemp}$f</str>
<str>Season: $e{tanseason}$f</str>


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