In Case of Emergency

Last Updated: Mar 5, 2016 Game Version: 1.8.9


Feb 16, 2016

Owner: darkryder2

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There's long been a desire for a "death mode" in Minecraft which falls somewhere between the default behavior of dropping everything on the ground and the keepInventory gamemode. Traditionally, this is done by storing all your items in a block with an inventory — a "death chest", a gravestone, or the like.

In Case of Emergency offers a new alternative, with cool new features:

  • ICE not only stores your items, but also their position within your inventory, allowing you to quickly re-equip everything, rather than having to pick it all up off the ground.
  • ICE understands Minecraft's team system, and can be configured to allow teammates to retrieve your inventory for you when it's too dangerous to get yourself.


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