Improved Signs


Improved Signs License: MIT

This mod is only for Fabric/Quilt Servers(or Single-Player) and requires Fabric API or Quilted Fabric API

Download on Modrinth


  • Sign & Item Frame Passthrough: Access chests, shulker boxes, barrels, etc behind signs by right-clicking the sign
    • Interact with Item Frames normally by shift(sneak) + right-click
  • Signs Retain - Breaking a sign will retain that sign's text, color and glowing. Put the sign in a crafting window to reset it
    • Seeing the saved text in your inventory requires installing either this mod or Inspecio on the client
  • Sign Copy - Right-clicking a sign with a sign(or stack of signs) in your hand will copy the text to the held signs
  • Invisible Item Frames - Use Amethyst Shards to turn item frames invisible
    • You can configure it to use Glass Panes instead
  • Stop Sign editor from opening when placing new signs
  • All features are configurable in config/improvedsigns.json5


  • Original Sign Retain functionality merged from umollu's Sign Retain
  • Girafi for the idea for Passthrough Signs. Find their original mod for Forge here
  • MeeniMc for contributing several version updates when I didn't have time for the mod
  • Jarva for many contributions to the mod
  • Everyone else that has contributed