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Impart adds a single item, the Eye of Tethering, which can be used to transfer your soul to a different location, allowing building, mining and fighting, before snapping back to your body.

This mod was initially created over 4 days during Modjam 5.


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Eye of Tethering

The Eye of Tethering is crafted in a furnace using an Eye of Ender.

furnace recipe

To use the Eye of Tethering, simply look at where you want to go, hold down right click and wait for the indicator to reach your target before releasing right click. Your soul will be ripped from your body, rapidly pulled to the indicator's position, and tethered nearby until you right click the Eye again.


Example uses


As a raw soul, you're quite weak, so it may take you a while to mine blocks.


The original design purpose of soul tethering, to allow much more freedom in 3-dimensional movement without straight-up creative flight.


Not as powerful against skeletons.




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