Immersive Vehicles Trin Civil Pack V2 (Extended version)

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Trin - The Trims Of Freedom

Trin and UNU compatible
Immersive Vehicles is a Minecraft mod that allows you to download vehicles pack (planes, cars, and much more).

Trin, one of the greatest fictionnal Immersive Vehicle brand is here to present to you it's inventory of cars, RVs, or even Trucks. This is a Immersive Vehicle pack that adds to the game over 25 brand new custom unique car, trucks, or RVs models, all comming in over 30 different skins. All thos vehicles are usable, drivables, functionnal, and customizable. Trin vehicles have been around for a while, but here it is in it's V2, where all the cars has been repaired, healed from bugs and issues, a great work of optimisation has been done since V1, and V2 also comme with a few new awesome cars: Trin Roofler (convertible) streached limo version of the high end Trin Pharaon, the Trin Frog and it's tiny 3 wheels unable to drive up a slab!

NOTE: Trin Civil Pack (extended version) doesn't add any parts yet! It is recommended to use the Trin Part Pack for a full collection of engines and awesome parts!
You can find it here:


IMPORTANT: This is the extended version, that has LOADS of textures, making it large and computer hungry. The extended and compact versions are incompatible.
The compact version can be find here, with less than 10 skins per vehicles:

Trin being expending on all vehicular markets also has:

- a post apocalyptic inventory:

- a military inventory:

- an emergency inventory:

- an inventory of random unqualifiable vehicles: *Planned*

- a sci-fi inventory: *Plannedt*

Feedback and bug reports are welcomed!

Also, don’t forget to share, or don’t hesitate on making videos about immersive vehicles packs! :)

If ever you want to use my packs in modpacks/ servers, you can totally do it, just take the time to tell me :)

You can have more and better info (like planned vehicles, parts recommendations and more) in the Trin official Discord:


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