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Filename immersivepetroleum-1.12.2-1.1.9.jar
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Uploaded Mar 25, 2018
Game Version 1.12.2
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! Update for GUI change in IE build 80




+ Finished CraftTweaker support for reservoirs, again thanks to Lanse505

~ Add config for autounlock of recipes
! Napalm correctly ignites in the chemthrower

! The recipe book no longer erroneously unlocks a recipe for 'air'

! Reverted change to fluid registration so IP can play nicer with other mods

! Fixed version number being '@VERSION@'




+ Added Napalm, created using Gasoline and Aluminum Grit

+ Added CraftTweaker support, thanks to Lanse505!
! Corrected resource amounts needed for the Distillation Tower in the Engineer's Manual




+ Added ability to have multiple solid item outputs from the Distillation Tower

~ Altered the Distillation Tower's texture slightly

! Alter Distillation Tower fluid routing behavior to make outputs easier to manage




~ Distillation Tower now requires scaffolding slabs instead of full-block scaffolding

! Fix rendering of Distillation Tower and Pumpjack in Engineer's Manual

! Fix potential crash related to FakePlayers and changing dimensions

! Fix crash related to Automatic Lubricator

! Fix graphical issues with Distillation Tower GUI

! Fix problems related to accessing the Distillation Tower and Pumpjack with other mod's pipes (ie Thermal Dynamics)




! Fix crash related to the Motorboat on newer versions of Immersive Engineering

~ Update Russian translation, thanks to lBlitzl!




+ Added Emergency Paddles for the Motorboat

+ Added config option to require pipes to Bedrock for pumpjacks (default off)

~ Lubricant extra ticks now consume power

~ Motorboat and Automatic Lubricator store fluids when broken

~ Distillation Tower no longer flickers during operation

~ Biome configs for reservoirs now use the biome type dictionary instead of biome names

! Added additional safechecks to config file

! Fixed typo




+ Added fuel meter to the Motorboat

! Fixed visual issue with Distillation Tower




! Remedied FPS drops related to Portable Generator and Automatic Lubricator

! Fixed visual artifact related to Automatic Lubricator



+ Distillation Tower now produces Gasoline and Lubricant

+ Added the Lubricant Can and lubricating ability to the Chemical Thrower

+ Added the Automatic Lubricator

+ Added the Portable Generator

+ Added the Motorboat and Motorboat upgrades

+ Distillation Tower recipes can now be configured through the config file

~ Made a number of large config changes to fluid consumption and output

! Fixed Distillation Tower flipping redstone status on creation

! Fixed IE manual related crash [1.12 only]

! Fixed IP items' creative menu placement [1.12 only]


1.0.12 [1.12 only]


! Fixed crash related to the IE manual

! Fixed a Pumpjack crash


1.0.11 [1.12 only]


! Fixed bug with Immersive Engineering build 67


1.0.10 [1.12 only]


! Fixed 1.12 server crash


1.0.9 [1.12 only]


! Fixed items appearing in the wrong creative tab in 1.12


1.0.8 [1.12 only]


Update to 1.12




! Fixed issue where empty chunks would display as having replenishing oil




! Fixed Distillation Tower not outputting correctly in some orientations

! Fixed crash related to Projectors




+ Added Multiblock Projectors, templates that show how to build specific multiblocks

+ Reworked fluid reservoir system, added Aquifers and Magma Chambers

+ Fluid reservoir system is now highly configurable for modpack makers

+ Core samples now display a chunk's liquids in their model

! Fixed distillation tower resource numbers in the manual

! Fixed mirrored multiblock I/O locations





+ Added default values to config files

+ Added Japanese and Russian localizations, thanks to aiun and McModder!

~ Changed default Pumpjack power consumption to 1024 flux/tick - make sure to change/reset config if using an older version of the mod.

! Update model render distance to match IE machines




! Fixed problem with mod's langfile




! Fixed lack of localization for multiblock blocks, seen in WAILA/TOP

! Fixed another dedicated server crash 



+ Added German and Chinese localizations. Thanks to Vexatos and 3TUSK!

! Fixed a dedicated server crash 




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