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A Fabric mod that allows you to render an image onto a map(s), allowing you to display it on your vanilla compatible server!

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  • /image2map create <WIDTH> <HEIGHT> <[dither/none]> <URL> - Creates map of specified size (in pixels, single map is 128x128), with/without dither, using provided image
  • /image2map create <[dither/none]> <URL> - Creates map with/without dither, using provided image
  • /image2map preview <URL> - Creates dynamic preview before saving the map as item

Commands in preview mode

  • /dither <[dither/none]> - Changes dither mode
  • /size - Displays current size
  • /size <WIDTH> <HEIGHT> - Changes size of map to specified one (in pixels, single map is 128x128)
  • /grid - Toggles visibility of map grid
  • /save - Exits preview and saves map as items
  • /exit - Exits preview without saving


In case of maps bigger than 128x128 pixels, you will get them in a bundle. Clicking with it on top-left corner of item frames will put all maps in correct places. Works for any item frame on wall, floor or ceiling.

New versions of this mod (1.19.4+)

This mod is no longer updated on the curseforge platform. If you want to use/download newer version of this mod, see it's Modrinth page: https://modrinth.com/mod/image2map