Illustrious Lamps

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The mod Illustrious Lamps adds 18 high res country themed lamps to your Minecraft. Future updates will add more countries and more lamps to each one. Recipes are lore/RPG friendly. Lamps are made of wood, have a full block size and are 1.0F of light source. 


1 - Craft a  at the  with 3 papers, 4 sticks, any plank and a Redstone torch:


2 - To paint it, you will need a  (non-consumable). You can make one with a stick at the left corner and a yellow wool at the center of the crafting table.

 3 - Create the Lamps by using a  at the base, a  at the center and dyes around it.



4 - There are 18 combinations based in the color of the result, like 3 reds, 1 light blue and 2 whites, and so on. The Wiki will be available soon! Mods like Just Enough Items could help with the recipes.





Q: In what languages are this mod? 

A: EN-US and PT-BR. I'll not translate to any other language.

You're welcome to do if you want, then, i'll put it into the mod.

Q: Your mod was done like this or that way. Change it?

A: Nope. I wont. Like it, download it. Don't like it, go away.


Q: Will you add this lamp for me?

A: I would if you give me a nice idea. Why not?


Q: Do you plan to support other versions?

A: Not yet. Maybe in the future.


Display (128x128 textures):

IL Dislay


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