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Infinity Gauntlet Mod!  

*The mod is incomplete, creative use only*

*We currently don't have any asset creators, development has stopped*



- Power Stone = Shoot Lasers!

- Space Stone = Teleport to a location with a portal! (WIP)

- Time Stone = Freeze Entities , Throwables (Arrows..) (WIP)

- Mind Stone = Make entities fight for you, fight eachother

- Reality Stone = Turn sand around you to quicksand.

- Soul Stone = Control mobs, take over their soul (WIP)


- All Stones = Snap your fingers killing 50%!


Coming Up:
- Time stone =  Resummon Ash-Piles && Freeze Time && Change Time

- Space Stone = Particles & Dimension teleport

- Snap = Killing players with snap (With config option)


Currently Working Stones :

Power Stone , Space Stone (WIP),  Time Stone (WIP), Mind Stone, Reality Stone, Soul Stone (WIP),Snap


New Update Coming :

-  We try to bring out an update as fast as possible!


Want so submit an idea? :

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Terms of Reuploading:

- Use the official download link (Latest)

- Credit the mod Author. 

Email: jm.minecraftmods@gmail.com

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