Icy Incitement

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Icy Incitement is a tiny mod which adds a new tool/weapon to the game.

Snowball Sprinkler
The main feature of this mod is the Snowball Sprinkler.
This tool can be used to fire snowballs at high speed.
Firing these snowballs kicks you back slightly from the force.
This kickback will let you jump higher or avoid fall damage if aimed down
It can take Snowballs, Snow Blocks and Snow Layers as ammo.

Upgraded Sprinkler
The Snowball Sprinkler can then be improved by inserting a Snow Golem.
You can do this by right-clicking on a Snow Golem with it.
This upgraded form will rapidly replenish its snowball supply.
This lets you jump very high or keep back crowds of mobs.

- Fabric Api


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