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The Icescape Remake is dellayed.






Icescape is a mod that adds a new dimension to Minecraft.


Recipe for the Snow Pendant (Ignites Portal)

Recipe for the Snow Pendant that ignites the portal. For more recipes, use JEI.

Portals are made of Packed Ice, Not Ice!





Ice Portal formation.

In game the Portal Texture is animated.



A house built with Icescape blocks.




The Icescape dimension.


"The Cold Man" Boss.



Recipe for the Cold Bringer (Summons The Cold Man)

that involves hardened snow and a diamond.


 Yes, you can use this in your modpack. (Please Give Credit :D)

Yes, you can make addon mods for Icescape.











 Hi Guys! I do still care about Icescape but I am working on a new mod for you guys that adds classic features back to Minecraft.





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