Ice and Fire: Dragons

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Filename iceandfire-2.1.6-1.16.4.jar
Uploaded by sbom_xela
Uploaded Feb 25, 2021
Game Version 1.16.5   +2
Size 23.60 MB
Downloads 2,985,585
MD5 a7268897aafa25e2258e16b91c458328
Supported Minecraft 1.16 Versions


-Migrated biome config system to jsons
-Wild dragons will return to their roosts before sleeping
-Added a ten second cooldown for pixie stealing
-Added forge tags for ice and fire ores
-Improved hippogryph flying ai
-Reduced hippocampus swim speed
-Fixed tame dragons targeting other pets
-Fixed NoClassDefFoundError crash
-Fixed trolls not spawning
-Fixed wandering cyclops not spawning
-Fixed dimension configs not working properly
-Fixed dreadstone being breakable
-Fixed floating myrmex
-Fixed teal sea serpents not spawning
-Fixed baby lightning dragons dying after hatching from lightning
-Fixed crash with dread horse saving chunks
-Fixed baby dragon shoulder not working
-Fixed ear plugs only requiring oak planks
-Fixed myrmex resin recipe only producing desert variant
-Fixed gorgon head not breaking after one use
-Fixed crafttweaker integration not functioning
-Fixed dragon skulls drowning
-Fixed dread torch having a collision box
-Fixed siren model crash
-Fixed mounted dragons twitching tail and head
-Fixed dragonsteel damage config not working
-Updated Brazilian Portuguese translations
-Updated Korean translations
-Added German Translation

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