Ice and Fire: Dragons

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Filename iceandfire-1.8.4.jar
Uploaded by alex1the1666
Uploaded Feb 3, 2020
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 18.18 MB
Downloads 1,814,612
MD5 91b5280364941a454b0b4e0c8bd616cb
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


-Rewrite of dragon logic

-Rewrite of flying mob riding, should fix many issues pertaining to mounts disappearing, teleporting, dying, exploding, splitting, etc.

-Added new model and texture for silver armor set

-easter egg implementation...

-Dragons now have an inventory slot for banners, which can be displayed on their back

-Dragons will now only drop blocks when they break them 10% of the time, and only when they are not blacklisted

-Riding a dragon now goes into a zoomed out third person view automatically

-Genericized dragon code to aide any possible addons

-Dragons and myrmex are better navigators

-Dragon armor now renders on a separate layer

-Removed dragon gl fix error config, no longer needed

-Bestiary now hides contents unless shift is held

-Increased sea serpent render distance

-Ear plugs can protect against dragon roars as well now

-Updated Japanese translations

-Updated Chinese translations

-Updated Russian translations

-Added config option for cockatrice health

-Added config option for dragon sleeping

-Improved server side performance of the mod

-Fixed dragons and myrmex constantly spinning in circles

-Fixed dragon armor textures having after images

-Fixed dragons attacking players in peaceful mode

-Fixed particles being spawned on server side

-Fixed escorting dragons hunting prey when hungry

-Fixed dragons turning bedrock into charred stone

-Fixed silver ingots and nuggets spawning in chests even when disabled in config

-Fixed crash when shift clicking items in lectern

-Fixed bestiary main menu screen rendering weird with different gui settings

-Fixed baby amphithere being rideable

-Fixed dragon not inheriting name tag from the egg they hatch from

-Fixed dragon shake prey attack deleting your mount

-Fixed sea serpents getting stuck in boats

-Fixed dragon skull client side crash

-Fixed amphitheres not eating cocoa beans off the floor

-Fixed dragon gl error when riding when playing with certain mods

-Fixed EntityPlayerMP error with dragon fire charges

-Fixed hopper not depositing dragon blood into a dragon forge properly

-Fixed ContainerHorseChest crash

-Fixed black dot in ice dragon egg bestiary image

-Fixed baby amphitheres attacking players

-Fixed ice dragon wing dealing no damage

-Fixed hitting amphithere while riding

-Fixed not being able to control an ice dragon when in water

-Fixed ice dragon breath not turning water into ice

-Fixed fire dragon tail freaking out when hovering

-Fixed silver and myrmex tools not applying their descriptive modifiers

-Fixed player model being inside the dragon model

-Fixed dragons being deleted from the world by Thaumic Periphery Pauldron

-Fixed sea serpents spawning too many bubbles

-Fixed amphitheres drowning in water when dismounted

-Fixed podiums not rendering any items other than eggs

-Fixed dragon forge not dropping items when broken

-Fixed myrmex royals getting stuck in water

-Fixed dragons attacking through walls

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