IC2 Crop-Breeding Plugin

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This IC2 Addon allows you to simulate the CropBreeding.

How to access that.

Go get yourself a CropAnalyzer from IC2 and Press the SideInventory key. The Tooltip in them tells you automatically which key it is that you need to press. (Ofcourse you need to hold it in the main or offhand)


Once that is done you get a new Gui which has 9 slots at the top & bottom and 4 slots in the middle.
The top row is a creative inventory that allows you to pick random crops that you want to breed with them. (Scrollweel or the buttons to switch along the list)
To pick a crop you just click at the top. It will be transfered to the middle and once you have 2 or more selected you can basically hit the calculate button and the results will appear.
The 4 slots represent the cropsticks that you have (max of 4 crops can breed together)
The Results will be displayed in points and chance per breed and it will show all possible results too.

Keep in mind if you do more then 2 there is only a chance that more then 2 will actually breed together at once. (Its only garanteed that a breed contains 2 crops its also the most common use case anyway)

Also  this plugin doesnt show not the hidden requirements that some crops have so be aware of these in general.


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