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Filename IC2Classic 1.12-1.5.5.jar
Uploaded by Speiger
Uploaded Jun 14, 2020
Game Version 1.12.2   +4
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A Simple Patch of issues that were reported.

Sorry that this took way to long to do. But I had bigger projects that had priority.



Version 1.5.5:

-Changed: AdvRecipe data is visible for extensions.
-Fixed: Multiblock Luminator didnt auto activate. (Sadly it does not accept power for a weird reason. Enet problem but i dont want to rewrite that right now)
-Fixed: Luminator Full Hitbox was by default always active
-Fixed: IC2cs Item Renderer was not calling right function and breaking other mod renderers.
-Fixed: Nutrient Storage value would not correct the correct max when crop fully anaylzed.
-Fixed: Crops would not save stored weedEx
-Changed: Nutrient Storage can now go up to 300 internally but only show 200 (stays there capped) to ensure the 200 can be reached.
-Fixed: Filtered Fluid Export Upgrade did use the wrong input. (itself)
-Changed: Luminator (Both) accept now up to EV power without exploding and consume 5 times less power.
-Added/Fixed: Crop Display Items account now for Item Color.
-Fixed: Nuclear Reactor inventory manager didnt account for Item Max StackSize.
-Fixed: Crash with Quantum Dyeing using a client only function.
-Fixed: Vaccum Canner didnt fill CF items
-Fixed: Forge Change with how armor damage was dealt. (Made The armor absorb 25x the amount of damage for 1x the cost)
-Added: Massivly Expanded and improved RotationList (for coders). Thank my game engine for that.
-Added: A Attempt at a ConnectiveTexture Mapper which will aid with calculating which texture is needed where.
-Added: Fixed potential Crash with the dynamite remote tooltip (Meduris)
-Fixed: Json Files for recipes

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