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Filename IC2Classic 1.12-
Uploaded by Speiger
Uploaded Jul 18, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2   +4
Size 5.87 MB
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MD5 704586afb28ef6ae182c78a0b63334d8
Supported Java Versions
Java 8
Java 7
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


Patch for bugs that showed up.

Also a couple new features for the game.



-Fixed: Bugs with advMachines not accepting single item inputs on recipes that required more then 1 item.
-Fixed: Machines getting stuck when the would be full and be extracted.
-Fixed: Localization was using the legacy system.
-Changed: Started moving stuff from java to fastUtil.
-Added: Configs for power balance on the wave & ocean gen.
-Added: Mass Block check processor that wouldn't do everything in 1 tick. (mostly for addons)
-Added: Enforced that IC2C localization was used how it should be. (Locks up the game if it isn't) (Addons were causing memory leaks and they were told to fix it months ago. Now its enforced)
-Added: Config for ic2c single block pumps to create lava out of nothing in the nether.
-Added: Localization for the AdvComparator that tells that it would be rotateable.
-Added: PlaceFacing of the AdvComparator is based on where you click on the block. (Note its also able to sit on any face of a block).
-Fixed: Electric Hoe was spamming the swing animation.
-Fixed: A couple null Itemstacks that were causing issues for tooltips or UI Overlays.
-Added: A Json Crop Loader that allows to make custom IC2Crops via json files. (Has parenting system to make the code a lot shorter so its not painful), Also multilayering support.
-Added: Uranium Base Classes for allowing addons to be easier adding uranium rods.
-Added: Machines now support NBTRecipes. (Not all of them but a lot)

-Fixed: Null Stacks of Some Upgrades.
-Nerfed: Locale Comp rule enforcement.
-Fixed: Fluid Display supports color fully now.


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