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Inspired by Dartcraft's clipboard, this mod adds a portable workbench with a few extras. You are able to shift click into the crafting grid, rotate the outer ring of items, balance, and clear the grid with either a click of a button, or using your Forward, Backwards, Left and Right keys.

The crafting grid will also keep its inventory between uses, providing you with 9 extra slots of storage, and of course it integrates with NEI's automatic recipe completion.


Coming in Version 2

  • A built in furnace
  • A lockable library of your last 9 crafted recipes.
  • Automatic crafting from your inventory, compress your cobble as you mine.


You are free to use this mod in any pack, public or private, with no restrictions.

It would be nice to hear from you if you decide to include it in a pack, but you don't have to tell me.