Iam Music Player [Forge/Fabric]

21,073 Downloads Last Updated: May 7, 2022 Game Version: 1.18.2   +1

 This mod adds a boombox that can play music in the game.

You can create playlists to share music with multiple people.

Supports playback in multiplayer.




Support for each current version

・1.x (MC1.15.2~1.16.1)

Support is completely discontinued and will not be updated

・2.x (MC1.16.4~1.16.5) and 3x (1.17.1~1.18.1)

Support has ended, but we will only update pull requests for critical bug fixes, language additions, etc.

・3.x (1.18.2)

Supported, bug fixes are quick and new elements are added


We will never support Fabric prior to 1.17.1 or release to versions prior to 1.15.2.
If asked, it will be ignored


Differences in elements between versions:

・1.x (MC1.15.2~1.16.1)

Only mp3 files can be played

All music files are saved in the world folder

Forge only

・2.x (MC1.16.4~1.16.5) 

After 2.7 all music will be played over the network

It is impossible to hold it in your hand and play it, play a radio stream, etc.

Forge only

・3.x (MC1.17.1~)

You can hold it in your hand and play it, you can play the radio stream
All songs are played over the network 

Forge and Fabric multi-platform


Would you like to consider porting to a previous version?
A: No

Is it available in mod packs?
A: Please use it freely.

A: WIP  , For IMP version 3.7 or later, an in-game manual will be added when Patchouli is installed.

 ̄Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y ̄


Plan for the future:

  • Integration with Sound Physics Remastered(It may take some time to be implemented, Don't ask the author of Sound Physics Remastered as this mod has an incomplete API and many changes.)
  • Headphones and speakers
  • DJ Villager's House
  • Boombox redstone control
  • Playlist shared by all players



Released Ikisugi Music Player
-Added Sound File Uploader
-Added Cassette Deck
-Added Boombox
-Added Cassette Storing
-Added support for Boombox to start playing music with redstone signal

Released Iam Music Player
-Reduced Parabolic Antenna's model
-Changed Boombox to start playing music and repeat, with redstone signal
-Added support for blocks which should be on wall or floor 

-Fixed a crash of when Cassette Deck finishes recording on Mac or Linux
-Improved Boombox to resume music if you restart or reinstall after boombox being stopped or broken
-Improved Boombox to proceed downloading and playing music simultaneously
-Supported The One Probe


-Remade everything.

-Can play from URL or Youtube.

-Now automatically converted to mp3 when uploading music files.

-Added playlist

- etc... iroiro


The playback method using FFmpeg and jlayer has been changed to the playback method using OpenAL and lava player.

Can no longer upload music to the world, if you want to use your own song, please paste the URL of the music using Discord etc.


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