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I Like Wood



With 1.19 the config options now have moved to a config file "%appdata%/.minecraft/config/ilikewood-common.toml" by default. You no longer need the dummy config mods as listed below for 1.18.2.

Config (Only with 1.18.2)


Starting with 1.18.2 this mod will be fully configurable. You need to download the dummy mods corresponding to the blocks/items you want to enable from the link above. More info on said page.








Blocks & Items 


Special Functionality Demos












Table & Chair & Stool


Item Frame



IF YOU WANT TO USE Biomes O' Plenty content before 1.16.5, don't forget to install the datapack in your worlds datapack folder! You can find the newest datapack under additonal files for every release!
ALSO updating to 1.16.5 will delete all the contents of chests/barrels of this mod and you have to replace your lecterns! Be sure to make a back-up and move all your items into other containers before update/ maybe I'll try to provide a data fixer later.


None of the custom blocks work as a villager job site yet.



If you want to contribute a language translation for your native language, feel free to do so on my GitHub!


JEI Support thanks to