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Update on the future of my mods (sorry) -> https://twitter.com/joshiejack/status/1590487547289178112

TLDR: Can't find time anymore even though I would have loved to have finished my projects

Anyone is free to take over my mods if they so desire


Husbandry is the animal care element of Harvest Festival. It adds the requirement to look after your animals to make them happy. It gives animals a limited lifespan and has mammals be pregnant for several minecraft days. Also adds nests for chickens to lay their eggs and an incubator for you to hatch them. Pigs will "find" truffles randomly throughout their day. Treats will help level up animals so that they produce more products for you.


It does this by assigning traits to entities. If you wished you could assign the traits to other mobs. So you could add something like shearing skeletons gives you bones.  See how to here. The mod also has KubeJS support so you can interact with it that way too.


This mod comes with an ingame book to explain some of the basic concepts. It is recommended to play this mod with Daydreamer as it will allow you to sleep in the daytime allowing you to level up your animals quicker (as their products etc. reset each minecraft day).


For more information on the mod and how to modify it see the wiki



Datapacks for other mods support





Note: Harvest Festival is being split up in to it's separate components. This mod is the animal care element and requires Penguin-Lib. More information about this change and features of this mod can be found on https://harvestfestivalwiki.com/



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