101 Dimensions

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 A Mod That Has Plenty Of Biomes And Dimensions! I hope You Enjoy!   








Glass Breaker - a Tool With The Ability To Break Glass Instantly.


Hand Cannon - a Weapon With The Capability To Fire Cannon Balls at A Wide Spread of Range.


Lapis Sword -  a Low Damage Sword With EXTREME Enchantibility


Stone Miner - a Personal Miner Inventory With The Ability to Mine Without Leaving The Comfort Of Your House!


Wood Chopper - Same as a Stone Miner It Just Doesent Mine It CHOPS Wood!


Creative Tool - A Tool That Can Litarally  Destroy ANYTHING (Except BedRock And Of Course Water and Lava)  But It is Limited To ONLY Creative Mode!


Worm - Just A Joke But You can Eat it.


Cloud - A Generated Structure That Hold A Few HelpFull Goodies!


                                                                                                Chicken nugget - just a small chicken nugget to add to the mod


                                                                                                 Crusher - Used for crushing multi nuggets into multi ingots


                                                                                                   Multi nugget - Crush this into a multi ingot


                                                                                     Multi Ingot - Craft four of these in a crafting table to make a multi block





The Recipe's Are Kinda Easy You Could Probably Find Them Out On Your Own But I Recommend You Would Use JEI (Just Enough Items) To Go with It


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