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Welcome to HUDWidgets; my latest project!

HUDWidgets came around due to another mod I've made; FlenixTweaks.

Basically, HUDWidgets disables the in-game HUD, and replaces it with a new system. The system is designed to support any mods which alter vanilla settings such as the maximum health, armour or hunger values - as well as be aesthetically pleasing.

The mod is 100% configurable, except the disabled vanilla componants. You can move around and retexture all of the widgets as you desire, as well as disabling any you don't like. Some widgets even have multiple styles to choose between!

The configuration stage can be quite tricky to master, so I've put a wall of text at the start to try and explain it. I recommend sticking with Anchor mode until you get the hang of it.

Future Plans
- More Widgets (Open to suggestions!)
- In-game config editing Done! Using Forge's official system for this.
- Server forced configs*
- Player name-plate view distance configuration Handled through my RenderTweaks mod instead.

  • Forced configs are clever. Upon joining a server, the server will send the config file to the client as a data packet. The client can then read this packet and apply all of it's settings automagically, without any need for a reload.
    By doing this, you can join any server and get a totally different feel to the game, without even needing to reload!

Known Bugs
- Currently none :)

Config Repository
I will be making a repository in the future for new configuration sets. Anyone will be able to upload and download a config from there, making it easy to share new and unique layouts. I will offer official ones too, for example a "Vanilla" style layout.

Licensing & Modpacks
This mod is open-source, but not open-license. You are welcome to look at my source for your own learning, but please don't copy-paste it.
You may not redistribute this mod on any other site without my explicit consent.
You may include this mod in any public or private modpack, so long as you credit me. I'd really like it if you let me know; just drop me a comment or message and I'll promote your pack for you too!

If you want to get in touch or just keep up to date, you can do so in many ways!
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