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Have you ever been driven mad because of the pain installing so many mods like WTHIT and AppleSkin for a bit nicer and more useful HUD?

Well, I have. And that's why I made this mod. The mod that ends everything.

No extra library required! (Before 1.2.0 you can optionally install Mod Menu for the in-game config screen)

The mod provides many HUD tweaks you can see in other mods, including:

  • Player Stats
  • Block/Entity Info (With primitive plugin support)
  • Durability Info
  • More to come...

That's not all. Every single feature above can be toggled via the config. (Also with bundled config screen since 1.2.0!)

Also, I appreciate feature requests! If you want a new feature, you can just come to the issues and open one, and I'll try to implement it ASAP.

This mod, including the library (Omega Config and SpruceUI) it uses, is licensed under MIT. Feel free to add it into your modpack.

Forge port is planned. Stay tuned for further updates!

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