How to Own a Dragon

Requires Geckolib forge 1.19.4-4.2 to work



This Mod will add Dragons from How to Train Your Dragon to your World. You can tame, ride and breed them to explore the World of Dragons which includes new biomes, items and even a new dimension called The Hidden World. 

Our mod focuses completely on being as accurate as possible to the shows!!!








  • All the x.x.1, x.x.2, x.x.3 etc. files are Alpha files. Those files have things that are just getting added. Nothing in the alpha files is survival ready and should be downloaded to play. The Alpha files are only online so that people can download them for their own mods or for the curious people that want to know what gets added in the new stable files.
  • All the x.1.0, x.2.0, x.3.0 etc. files are Beta files. Those files have finished things, but not completely tested things. That means that the beta files have things that are completely finished and technically survival ready but it hasn't completely been tested yet. The Beta files can be downloaded for survival purposes but it is not recommended. You can download the Beta files to help us test the mod to see if there is anything broken or missing in the game.
  • All the 1.0.0, 2.0.0, 3.0.0 etc. files are the Official Stable Releases of the mod. The Stable releases are safe to download and use in whatever world you want. These releases are done and can be played, if you happen to find a bug or a problem with these files, please tell us so that we can update that in the future.


  • The version of the mod is specified in the file name.
  • Using this mod in any other version than the specified version isn't intended, and some features likely won't work properly. Do this at your own risk. 

Planned Features:

We are trying to add everyone from the How to Train Your Dragon series and making it resemble How to Train Your Dragon as closely as possible.

Another Dimension called The Hidden World

New Biomes

All the dragons from how to Train Your Dragon

Regional Variants

New Islands like Berk, Dragon Edge, Vanaheim, Melody island, Changewing Island, Glacier Island and more

New Materials like Gronckle Iron, Monstrous Nightmare Gel, Dragon Scales, Hideous Zippleblack Gas, Deadly Nadder Spines and more

New Armor like Wingsuit, Dragon Scale Armor, Shields, Gronckle Iron Armor and so much more

New Weapons like Inferno, Catapult, Bola, Gronckle Tools, Deadly Nadder Arrow, Hideous Zippleback Grenade and more

New Plants like Dragon Nip, Blue Oleander, Dragon Root, Glowing Algae, Sagefruit and more

Breeding, Flying and Taming Mechanisms

Saddles for the dragons

Book of Dragons

Dragon Eye